Outstanding Audio Systems for Rent

Would you like to rent a professional sound system for your upcoming business function or gathering space? Whether you’re having a professional event or a church retreat, we’ll happily provide you with a top-quality sound system. 

At The Note Gallery, we specialize in working with professional sound systems. We customize the system to make sure it’s perfect for your space so you don’t have to worry about poor sound quality or screeching feedback. Call us today at 507-401-3500 to schedule your rental service.

Rent a Quality Sound System for Your:

  • Business
  • Church
  • School
  • Conferencecenter
  • Outdoor event
Visit us at 356 W
Main St to buy
state-of-the-art musical instruments.

Are you having a party? Make everyone's night by using a professional sound system! Our qualified staff will determine the set up that you will need. 

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